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Advocacy Tasmania

Advocacy Tasmania Inc. is an independent, non-government organisation that has provided advocacy services across Tasmania to older people, and people with disabilities, since 1990.

The organisation works to protect and promote the rights and interests of its clients. Older people and people with disabilities, their carers and relatives are provided with a free, statewide, and confidential advocacy service.

Our Mission

Advocacy Tasmania Inc., acting independently at all times works to both empower and uphold the rights and interests of older people and people with disabilities.

The staff of Advocacy Tasmania Inc. can assist clients by:

  • Informing clients of their rights
  • Helping clients explore options
  • Helping clients to help themselves
  • Speaking on behalf of clients when asked
  • Investigating and following up complaints on behalf of Clients

Advocacy Tasmania works to achieve its mission by providing advocacy services to older people and people with disabilities. Our staff are called 'advocates'. An advocate can help you (or a friend or relative of your choice) to put your views forward clearly and confidently to another party. An advocate can speak on your behalf if you wish.

The advocates employed by the organisation are professionals with strong working backgrounds in, and commitment to, advocacy within the disability and aged care sectors.

Your Rights

As a client of Advocacy Tasmania we will work to promote and protect your rights. This includes your right to:-

  • To fundamental health and well being, including receiving good quality community support services if you need them
  • Be safe from harm, and protected from abuse and neglect
  • Shelter - somewhere to live
  • To freedom and personal liberty, and to have a fair hearing if this right is under threat

The most common situations where we assist people are:

  • Where someone has a complaint or concern about a community service they are receiving
  • Where important decisions about a person's life are being made, such as aged care assessments, care planning for older people; and personal planning and case conferences for people with disabilities and mental health disorders
  • Where someone's basic rights are being threatened or denied

Our Programs

Advocacy Tasmania Inc. is a community based non-profit organisation managed by a consumer focused Board of Management.

We are funded by both Federal and State Governments to provide free and independent Statewide advocacy services. We currently have four programs.

Disability Program
For people with a disability with a focus on assisting people with employment and accommodation issues.

Aged Care Program
For older people living in nursing homes or hostels or receiving Community Aged Care Packages or eligible to do so.

Home and Community Care Program
For people in receipt of or eligible to receive HACC services.

Mental Health Program
For people with a mental health disorder.

Each program has specialist advocates, and receives separate funding.

The main focus of the Service is to provide advocacy on behalf of individual clients at the request of that person, or their guardian.

Where a number of people are affected by a problem we work to have this addressed at a systems level. This is called "systemic advocacy" and often involves working to change government policy or services' practices.

The organisation also performs an educative role. Advocates work with client groups, service providers, government bodies and the general community to raise awareness of the human, legal and civil rights of people with disabilities and older people.

Our Aims

Our four programs have a set of common aims. These aims are:

Individual Advocacy
To assist clients to understand and exercise their rights and responsibilities by providing an individual advocacy service.

To assist clients to obtain relevant information enabling informed choice and decision making and self-advocacy.

Systemic Advocacy
To identify systemic issues affecting our client groups and to take effective action.

To increase awareness of ATI and our role to potential clients, service providers and the wider community.

Education and Community Development
To protect and enhance the rights and interests of our client group through the use of education and community development.

To manage the human and financial resources of the organisation efficiently and effectively.

Access and Equity
To provide an equitable, high quality service to all people who use the service across the state.

Advocacy Tasmania Inc.
Suite 6, Mayfair in the Bay
236 Sandy Bay Road
Sandy Bay, Tas, 7005
P.O. Box 426, Sandy Bay, Tas. 7006

Telephone: (03) 6224 2240
Clients only free call: 1800 700 600 (also for TTY)
Facsimile: (03) 6224 2411


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